Caring Ambassadors Program

Caring Ambassadors



The Caring Ambassadors Program mission is to help improve the lives of those affected by long- term diseases through advocacy, information, and support. The goals of the Caring Ambassadors
Hepatitis C Program are to:
• Educate people afflicted with HCV about their management and treatment options,
• Promote enhanced hepatitis C awareness among the general public, healthcare communities, and policy-makers, and
• Facilitate collaboration among all stakeholders in the hepatitis C arena.

Program Highlights/Accomplishments

CAP Hepatitis C has a long history of collaborating with other community-based organizations (CBOs), industry, and government agencies already working on hepatitis C, viral hepatitis, and other chronic infectious diseases. Since 2000, CAP has been recognized as a national leader in hepatitis advocacy. CAP has ben instrumental in securing champions for viral hepatitis in the House and Senate leading to bipartisan hepatitis legislation being introduced every session since 2003. Lorren Sandt, Executive Director of CAP, has served as Chair of NVHR for the past 2 years.

HepCChallenge.org provides accurate, up-to-date, detailed and relevant information for hepatitis C patients, their loved ones, medical professionals, and others in the hepatitis C community. Free on line for download we offer Hepatitis C Choices, 4th Edition – The book presents evidence-based conventional and alternative treatment options. It is the collective effort of leading medical experts and hepatitis C patient advocates. It is the only book of its kind currently available. In 2010 CAP produced, Hepatitis C: Choices in Care – Distinctive Viewpoints on Choices for Your Hepatitis C Journey DVD series. The 2-disc set offers over nine hours of leading expert physician interviews, patient consultations, panel discussions, Power Point presentations and 30 minutes of Qi Gong exercises specifically geared towards people living with hepatitis C.

How Can Chinese Medicine Help Me? – A patient consultation with Dr. Misha Cohen from Caring Ambassadors Program on Vimeo.

More Information




Hepatitis C Choices Book

Hepatitis C Choices In Care DVD


Hepatitis C Choices Book

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