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UC Davis Cancer Center Thumbnail

UC Davis Cancer Center

Mission: We are an NCI-designated Cancer Center that serves more than 10,000 patients per year. Our Outreach Research & Education Program has more than 20 services for patients; cancer prevention and control outreach to underserved communities; and several active Boards to guide its work. The goal of the OREP is to reduce cancer health disparities among minority populations; adolescents

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The Hepatitis C Mentor and Support Group, Inc. Thumbnail

The Hepatitis C Mentor and Support Group, Inc.

Mission The Hepatitis C Mentor and Support Group, Inc. was established to address the lack of supportive services for people living with Hepatitis C (including patients co-infected with other conditions such as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B) by fostering the develpment and operation of successful support groups for patients and by offering one-on-one mentoring services to Hepatitis C and liver

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The CHOW Project Thumbnail

The CHOW Project

Mission: The CHOW Project's mission is to prevent the spread of HIV, hepatitis C and other blood-borne pathogen's among high-risk drug users in Hawaii. Program Highlights/Accomplishments: In 2010, The CHOW Project exchanged just under 600,000 syringes throughout Hawaii, which is the largest amount in the Project's 20 year history. Four years ago, CHOW began a seroprevalence study of H

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The AIDS Institute Thumbnail

The AIDS Institute

Mission: The AIDS Institute is a national nonprofit organization that promotes action for social change through public policy research, advocacy and education. More Information: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn  

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Suncoast Hep C Friends Inc. Thumbnail

Suncoast Hep C Friends Inc.

  Mission: Founded in Nov. 2009 we are a non-profit organization created to be a source for people in our community to gather information about viral hepatitis and support through local agencies, health care providers, and contacts to services. Also, we advocate for the rights of our citizens and to address the lack of awareness, education, support, and services available to th

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Status C Unknown Thumbnail

Status C Unknown

Mission: Founded in 2005, Status C Unknown (SCU) is a non-profit organization. SCU‘s mission is to educate those impacted by HCV about treatment options and promote enhanced HCV awareness among the general public, health care communities, and policy-makers. Our strategic focus is prevention education, support and advocacy. Program staff is dedicated to the wellness of those affected by HC

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Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation

  Mission: To create and sustain a healthier community through a compassionate, comprehensive response to HIV/AIDS. Program Highlights/Accomplishments: SAAF's prevention programs target populations at increased risk of HIV infection or transmission through specially designed interventions that provide a supportive, educational environment in which harm reduction can be effective.

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Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics Thumbnail

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics

Mission: The mission of Santa Barbara Neighborhoods Clinics is to provide high quality, affordable, comprehensive healthcare to all people regardless of their ability to pay, especially those uninsured and otherwise underserved, while maintaining a weocoming and treating patients with copassion, dignity and respect. Program Highlights/Accomplishments: SBNC is a nonprofit group of thre

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San Luis Obispo County Hepatitis C Project (AIDS Support Network)

Mission: Mission Statement: The San Luis Obispo Hepatitis C Project is dedicated to meeting the medical and ancillary needs of people living with hepatitis C and increasing awareness viral hepatitis through educational outreach in San Luis Obispo County. Program Highlights/Accomplishments: Established in 2000, the SLO Hep C Project (SLOHCP) was one of the first programs dedicated specific

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Recovery 2000, Inc.

Mission: To empower individuals in Chicago South side Communities that are at-risk, or afflicted with HIV/AIDS/other Sexually Transmitted Diseases Hepatitis, and other chronic diseases and substance abuse to take charge of their bodies; develop a strong sense of self worth and improve the overall quality of their lives, through receiving science based testing, education, support and education.

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